Basement Remodeling can Turn a Dull, Gray Basement into an Enjoyable Space

For most homeowners, the basement is a place where they store items not currently being used. In most cases, an unfinished basement does little to motivate a person who wants to use it as an exercise room or home office. A professional basement remodeling company can easily turn the dull gray atmosphere of any basement into an enjoyable living space.

Open Concept or Divided Rooms

As with the other rooms inside a home, the layout of the basement should make the traffic flow easy. People could choose to have an open concept design for their remodeled basement, which would leave the majority of the space without divisions. This design works well for recreation rooms and home gyms. If the homeowner would like to use the basement for additional bedrooms, the design would then include walls, to create divided areas. If the home has the washer and dryer connections located in the basement, the professional remodeling team can also section off that area and turn it into a visually appealing, and functional laundry room.

Covering the Gray

A basement remodeling job will entail covering the walls and floor with high quality waterproof products. There are new epoxy paints available to use on cement surfaces, which create bonds that prevent moisture from coming through. The high-gloss epoxy paints can create a showroom floor in a variety of colors. Once waterproofed, floors could also be enhanced with floor tiles or carpet to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Walls can also be covered in epoxy paint, wood paneling or stone. All of these products will help enhance the basement area by adding both color and texture.

Setting the Mood

Basement ceilings generally consist of a series of support beams, water pipes and heating vents. The basement remodeling team can use drop ceiling frames and tiles to hide all of these unsightly items behind a more attractive looking surface. This type of ceiling can be used in combination with recessed lighting to make the entire space feel warm and welcoming. A ceiling could also be enhanced with the addition of decorative beams or hanging lights. Depending on what type of room is being constructed, the professionals could add some built-in items such as bookcases, cabinets and closets. For a recreation or sports room they could also add a built-in bar.

An Independent Apartment

In addition to turning the existing space inside a basement into any number of usable rooms, the professional remodeling company can also turn it into an independent apartment. This is accomplished by creating a separate entrance for the apartment, which requires the removal of some parts of the cement wall and surrounding land. The experts will make sure everything in the apartment is up to code according to the city's regulations.


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